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Our solutions

We are not just aiming to assist professionals & students with their successful admissions and student visas, but also focusing on the concerns students usually have after landing in Germany and issues they face post education.

Unlike other countries Germany has certain residence rules which are to be followed & fulfilled by the international students after their arrival in Germany. Students initially get a 3 month visa from the German consulates in India which has to be extended once arriving in Germany. Of course the application to the visa extension has to be submitted after finishing certain formalities, like; registering the address at city office, registering at university and availing matriculation papers, and obtaining the insurance. And managing all these things without a local knowhow & language skills is definitely a stressful job, and we will assist you with all these formalities.

Based on our experience and current conditions in Germany, we offer various solutions to perspective students. Our key areas of expertise are and not limited to the following:

Career Counseling

Planning to study abroad is a major step in anyone’s life, one need to carefully analyze the scope & opportunities inside that particular country and make wise decisions. We will evaluate your desired field of studies & career goals and give you a initial counseling with updated information and brief picture about the Federal Republic of Germany, Education system, Universities, student’s life in Germany, part time jobs, professional job opportunities after your studies and etc.

We will explain you the complete information about the universities offering those subjects you intended to study, admission eligibility, required documents for enrollment, whether you need a English proficiency test (IELTS/TOEFL/GRE) or not, which semester (summer/winter) to choose for, visa application procedures, required documents for visa, financial requirements, things to do after landing in Germany. (Help you with all the most vital documents like CV and SOP in European format).

Admission Process

Getting enrolled in to a Germany university is the toughest challenge any international student would face, and this is mainly because of two reasons 1) High Competition and 2) Application requirements/procedures.

Due to the fact that Germany is emerging as an International hub for higher education for it’s unshakable economy, free education system, strong research faculties, safety, and low cost of living. There is a vast increase in international students getting enrolled in to German Universities; this significantly results to high number of applications pouring in for every individual course in each semester.

Usually for an academic course with an upper limit of 50 students, there would be applicants in multiple hundreds applying from all over the world resulting in ultra competition. Application requirements /procedures are based on an ‘Error-less’ documentation and applying through a prescribed format. Each University /Faculty /Course has a different requirement/procedure to receive the applications, only a very few universities prefer to receive the application documents directly, whereas most of the universities accept the application documents from international applicants (non German/European) only via the authorized centers, and this authorized centers has their own set of rule to receive the application, confusing right? Infact Yes. We will assist you with documentation and procedures prescribed by these universities and their authorized centers.

Visa Application

Just like the admission process, obtaining a German student visa has to be also planned well in advance, usually it takes around 8-12 weeks for your visa approval at the German consulate, a thorough ‘Error-Less’ documentation and certain procedures are expected to follow. Unlike other countries Germany has unique requirements to avail student visas, for example;
Prior to the visa interview the student has to open a blocked bank account in Germany (via courier & online consultation) with 8000 Euros (around 6 lacs) in order to proof that he has enough finance to take care of his basic expenses (accommodation, food, insurance, and other living costs) in Germany. Students are authorized only to withdraw 650 Euro every month for their living expenses from the total deposited amount. To open this account one has to send all the documents (admission letter, passport copies, address proof) certified by the German Consulate in India.

Though the whole process sounds a bit complicated and stressful, we will help you out with all these arrangements and meanwhile you can focus on the visa interview and travel preparations to Germany.

Documents required for visa application:

a) Original Passport
b) Photos
c) Filled application form
d) Admission letter from German university
e) Blocked student account in a German bank account showing 8000 Euros
f) English language proficiency certificate (mandatory by embassy, even if your university doesn’t asks for it for the admission enrollment)
g) Copies of all academic certificates
h) Visa fee

Pre-departure counseling

Once you get your German student visa, we will give brief you about the important checklists, something related to your accommodation, luggage, clothes, academic certificates, currency, contacts of the university authorities and etc. We shall also assist you with flight tickets, currency exchange and etc. Overall we prepare you for a hurdle-free journey to Germany to pursue your dream course.

Assistance in Germany

Once you’re in Germany, we will help you with your registration at the university to get an official student ID card, registering you at the local municipal authority, registering you with bank to active your account (opened from India for your visa purpose), and getting you a valid student insurance card. And most importantly your residence permit, the student visa which u get in India is a temporary permit (valid only for 3 months) and you need to visit the local foreign office to get your residence permit which will be a Schengen visa by which you may travel visa-free to 26 other European countries.

Jobs & Continuous Mentorship

We will assist you with student jobs & internships during your studies, mainly during semester breaks. We are there to help you with your academic as well as personal decisions. Upon the completion of your studies we shall provide you with the access to German job market. Like we said we are not just focusing on helping you with the admissions and visas, but aiming for a continuous mentorship throughout your stay in German.