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MBBS/MD In Germany

Germany is highly acclaimed to be amongst world’s finest countries that offer finest medical study centres. The country offers excellent education for medicine students. The level of education in German is really high. There are many Universities and Medical Education Institutions offering world’s best medical education. In terms of infrastructure and faculty, the German medical colleges are compared with AIIMS in India. The entire medical program may cost around 9 Lacs. This is much lower than countries like US, Canada or UK. Almost all Universities in Germany have their own Hospitals and other state-of-the-art infrastructures. Some of them are much better than AIIMS. Germans are among the global leaders in Medical Technology and Medical Equipment.

Highlights of German Medicine Program

► Germany provides the best and the most cost-effective study options for aspiring overseas student
► Total duration of the program is around 7.5 years (which includes 1.5 year of pre-language training + 5 years of course + 1 of year internship)
► The remuneration during internship is in between Euro 40 –60K equals to INR 30 lacs (approx.)
► Students are allowed to stay for 2 years after the completion of their degree, during which they can very easily earn Euro 50,000/ annum (approx.)
► As Germany is the part of European Union, students can move to any of the European country including UK for practicing.
► Upon completion of the MD degree, students get work permit very easily in comparison to other countries.
► Students can apply for permanent residence after working for 5 years


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