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Job Seekers Visa

What is a job seekers visa?

Germany had approximately 1.2 lac vacant positions as of January 2015. Due to the demographic developments (declining birth rates) it is facing a severe shortage of qualified professionals. Germany urgently requires thousands of qualified professionals from IT, Computer Science, Engineering, Biotechnology and Medicine background. Median age of a German citizen is 46 years and millions of workforce is going to get retired in next 7-10 years. Research institutes forecast a shortfall of 3 million skilled workers by 2025.

To avoid this downfall situation Germany has introduced “Job Seekers Visa” program in the year 2012 which is part of “Make It In Germany” initiative by the government.

Benefits to foreigners (Indians)?

It allows foreigners (Indians) to travel to Germany and take up open employment in the field of Engineering, Computer Science, IT, Biotechnology and Medicine. If you are an ambitious individual & wish to move abroad and work in the professional & growth environment, then Germany is the right place to land in. Germany’s Job Seeker visa is the best option for you to seek employment & migrate to Europe. 

This visa gives each & every job seeking candidate an opportunity to seek employment in Germany, and for applying for this visa you don’t to need have an prior employment contract from Germany. Under this program German Consulates in India are directed to provide you the temporary visa valid for 6 months subject to your actual relocation & finding a suitable employment in Germany. Once you succeed in securing an employment contract you may convert it to a resident permit. Germany is one of the most professional environments to work in, employment in Germany means a lucrative salary (50-60k Euros for Engineers, 45-55k Euros for Computer & IT professionals, 60-70k for Medicine), at least 26 days paid leave, and various social benefits. Living costs in Germany are relevantly less compare to USA, Canada, and UK.

Indian professionals have a good reputation in the German employment market; there is an tremendous increase in the influx of Indian professionals from Computer & IT background in to German companies.

Eligibility criteria?

► At least a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Computer Science, IT, Biotechnology and Medicine with distinctive grades
► At least 2 years of working experience
► Proof of sufficient funds (at least 5-7 lac Rupees) enough for your travel to Germany and bear living costs (accommodation, food, and insurance) for at least 6 months
► Accommodation confirmation/contract from Germany
► Fluent in English

Visa processing

► Apply for this visa at the German Consulates in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore depends on which city you currently reside at.
► German consulate takes at least 3 months for processing
► Visa fee 4.500 INR
► Applications at German Consulate Mumbai will be additionally charged 45.000 INR for document verification. In some cases Consulates at Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore might also charge this amount when there is need to verify your documents.

NOTE: The visa application & process is not as simple as this program might sound, there is a huge pre-task with documentation, background verification of certificates from an immigration lawyer, selecting a place/city of your preferred employment in Germany, accommodation pre-confirmation and other stuff.

Our Assistance

► Preparing documents
► Complete application processing
► Assessment with immigration lawyer
► Forms & petition filing
► Updates & follow up with the Consulate
► Visa Interview preparation
► Accommodation Assistance
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► Relocation Assistance